Inside Each Box is a New Experience

I had thoughts about making my own video game console when I was younger. I imagined all of the buttons it would have, the games it would play, and even how it would be able to connect to a television. As I became older, I changed my idea into an actual product. Using the technical knowledge I learned in college, I designed the console and programmed its operating system. I produced a few consoles to test at first, but when I opened the factory, I made a lot more. I bought an EPS machine to make foam for packaging the console and paid a marketing company to create advertisements for the console.

The machine quickly paid itself off in no time. The time and money that we save from not having to buy foam blocks gives us an a production advantage. The marketing budget gets more money as a result, which is important to the success of the console. Regardless of how powerful a console is, or what games it can play, if the console isn't seen in a positive light by the eyes of the public, then the console is as good as dead. Being able to market the toy in an attractive way is what the marketing company is for, and they created some good advertisements that made people really flock to the console.

Feedback about the console has been nothing but positive. From the moment that people take the console out of the box and remove the foam packaging, to the moment when they turn it on and play their first game, customers are enjoying it. There are some things I wish I did a little differently with the console, but those things can be addressed if a second version of the console is made in the future.